Aqua Pak Container Water Treatment Plant From Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products

Poly Phoenix in conjunction with Chemapan have developed a range of water treatment systems. Portable water treatment plants, that can convert raw river or dam water into world class health organization standard drinking water from 2 000 Litres per hour (24 000 Litres per day) up to 36 000 Litres per hour (800 000 Litres per day) from a raw water source less than 50 NTU turbidity and total dissolved solids of less than 500ppm.The units can supply sufficient water for a community of 200 to 6 000 people at 100 Litres per person per day.

Advantages of the Aqua Pak Container Water Treatment Plant:

Depending on raw water conditions the Aqua Pak range of units have a complete chemical pre treatment process as well as settlers/clarifiers which help settle the dirt in the water, the treated and settled water is then pumped through dual media filters and clean water is produced on the other side.

A secondary injection of chlorine kills bacteria, viruses and fungi in the water, rendering it is safe to drink.

The standard containerized Aqua Pak range consists of the following: