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Poly Phoenix has partnered with Chemapan to develop a variety of water purification systems. Portable water treatment plants that can convert raw water from rivers or dams into drinking water from 2,000 liters per hour (24,000 liters per day) to 36,000 liters per hour (800,000 liters per day) from raw water into premium drinking water from the health organization source with a turbidity of less than 50 NTU and a total dissolved solids content of less than 500 ppm. The units can provide enough water for a community of 200 to 6,000 people at 100 liters per person per day.

Advantages of Water Purification Systems

The Aqua Pak Container Water Treatment Plant offers

Depending on the raw water conditions water purification systems or  The Aqua Pak Series units feature a full chemical pre-treatment process and settlers/clarifiers to help settle debris in the water. The treated and settled water is then pumped through dual media filters, creating clean water on the other side.

A secondary injection of chlorine kills bacteria, viruses and fungi in the water, rendering it is safe to drink.

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The standard Water Purification Systems or containerized Aqua Pak range consists of the following: