Fiberglass Tanks and Tank Linings

Fiberglass Tanks

Ideal for storing water (rain harvesting), chemicals, hazardous chemicals, petroleum, and even waste. Our fibreglass tanks are made especially robust.

Underground or above ground fibreglass tank options available. Make sure to contact us for more information

Fiberglass Tanks Available:

Fibreglass Linings

Over the years, both the versatility of fibreglass linings and the versatility of our fibreglass lining service have been key to our success in solving our customer's containment problems. Whether you are a maintenance engineer, facility's manager, civil engineer, borough engineer or architect, in all sectors – industrial, commercial, public or private, there is a fibreglass lining system to meet all your needs.

Advantages of Fibreglass Linings

– Long Term Solution
– Cost Effective
– Chemical Resistant
– Maintenance Free

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