Fibreglass Linings By Poly Phoenix Fiberglass Products

Over the years, both the versatility of fibreglass linings and the versatility of our fibreglass lining service have been key to our success in solving our customer's containment problems. Whether you are a maintenance engineer, facility's manager, civil engineer, borough engineer or architect, in all sectors – industrial, commercial, public or private, there is a fibreglass lining system to meet all your needs.

Is fibreglass the right material for you?

Nine times out of ten we can confidently say yes. Fibreglass is a remarkably adaptable and durable composite. Your leaking tank, sump, bund, swimming pool or water feature can all be repaired and have a longer life with a fibreglass lining. The major cost of asset replacement and consequent disruption to operations can be avoided if you just think fibreglass lining.

Of course, fibreglass is not only used for refurbishment projects. It is also used in new containment installations, like tank bunds, water features, swimming pools, plant room sealing and other areas such as roofing, wet rooms, shower and hygienic wall lining. A fibreglass liner is a sound investment. Its chemically inert, durable, low maintenance finish and structural qualities means that your structures lined with fibreglass will have very long life cycles. To help you with your project planning and costing contact us for a free on site no obligation evaluation.

Advantages of Fibreglass Linings

– Long Term Solution
– Cost Effective
– Chemical Resistant
– Maintenance Free

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