Eco Friendly Sewage Systems

MBBR Green Eco Sewag System

The Gess-180 is a compact prefabricated domestic sewer treatment plant which is based on a fluidized moving bed Bio-reactor system and is suitable to treat a population equivalent of 2 - 25 people, as a retro fit or standalone unit. Up to 4 units can be installed in parallel to cater for up to 100 people, suitable for a variety of different site applications including game lodges, construction sites, rural developments, schools, mines and leisure developments

Eco Friendly Sewage Systems Advantages:

>> Environmentally Friendly – No Chemicals Used

>> Water Saving – Save Up To 90% of all Waste Water

>> High Performance – Unique Patented No Clogging Media

>> Simple Installation – In Ground or Above Ground

>> Economical – Low Power Consumption.

>> Light Weight – Quick and Easily Transportable

>> Regulatory Standards – Effluent Meets DWAF General Standards

>> Efficient – Full Nitrification / De Nitrification Cycle

>> Retro Fit – To Septic Tanks, Conservancy Tanks etc.

>> Compact – Minimal Space Required, Can Be Installed Completely Under Ground    

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