Leading Blivet System By Poly Phoenix Fiberglass Products

The Blivet is a pre-fabricated package system treatment plant manufactured in South Africa by Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products and is suitable for population equivalents 50 – 2 000 domestic residents.

The Blivet is probably the most compact and efficient system available world wide and is specially suited to the following types of installation:

Housing estates, Hotels, Golf Courses, Holiday Resorts, Construction Sites, Mines, Military Camps and Lodge Developments that are not connected to the main sewer system.

The Blivet was developed in Ireland in 1985 and has been in production since 1992. It is now manufactured in Five different countries and has been installed in over 26 different countries around the world.

Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products - Blivet System

The Blivet System is the most compact “All in One” system available and has been designed that the complete unit fits into a standard container for safe, easy, inexpensive shipping with minimal assembly required on site.

The Blivet System treats the effluent using a combination of “Active aeration” and “Passive Contact” which results in very efficient treatment rates per area required.

The System may be installed above ground or buried up to deck level, such that the impact on the landscape is not intrusive, in both cases the civil works are minimal consisting of a flat concrete support slab.

The Blivet is a modular unit that lends itself to future expansion or relocation.

The Blivet System Comprises of 4 Section:

Advantages of our Blivet System: