Fiberglass Water Tanks Suppliers Poly Phoenix 

Our Fiberglass Tanks are ideal for storing water (rain harvesting), chemicals, hazardous chemicals, petroleum, and even waste. Our fibreglass tanks are made especially robust.

Underground or above ground fibreglass tank options available. Make sure to contact us for more information

Why Fiberglass Water Tanks?

It is pretty easy to think that as long as you pay your water bill on time, you will not have to worry about the water supply. In many parts of the globe, water is almost everywhere, like swimming pools being filled, grasses being watered, water fountains ejecting water and more. 

All these sounds cool, until one day you find yourself in the middle of a water shortage or drought. That’s when water becomes a valuable commodity instead of abundance.

On the contrary, you could be in a situation with far more water than you ever cared to have in the aftermath of a hurricane or flood. These severe storms have the potential to contaminate the local water supply or cause drainage systems to back up and cause widespread damage, leaving people with a scarcity of drinkable water.

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