Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Fiberglass Storage Tanks are an excellent chemical liquid or water storage option. Our fiberglass tanks are built from high quality fiberglass material and a resin manufactured to accomodate the specific type of liquid you intend to store. Fiberglass storage tanks are a popular choice among business owners and homeowners alike due to their corrosion resistance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. All fiberglass tanks are made in locally.

Our Fiberglass Storage Tanks Are …

Ideal for storing water (rain harvesting), chemicals, hazardous chemicals, petroleum, and even waste. Our fibreglass tanks are made especially robust.
Underground or above ground fibreglass tank options available. Make sure to contact us for more information

What Are The Benefits Of Fiberglass Tanks?

Corrosion-proof materials. This is the traditional selling point since older steel tank designs failed because of corrosion. New composite designs of steel tanks have addressed this issue. However freedom from internal corrosion is still an advantage. Water from condensation accumulates in the bottom of tanks and can assist in the internal corrosion of steel tanks.

Interstitial Monitoring System. The hydrostatic method of monitoring fiberglass underground tanks is widely used, and recognized as a positive method of leak detection by California regulations.



Can Be Customized To Clients Requirements